Posted by: Black_Claw | December 5, 2017

Nasi Padang

Nasi Padang is, well, a rice with various choices of pre-cooked dishes originated from West #Sumatra, #Indonesia. It is known across Indonesia as Nasi Padang, after the city of #Padang the capital of #WestSumatra province. Nasi Padang, Padang-style rice, is a miniature banquet of meats, fish, #vegetables, and spicy #sambals eaten with plain white #rice, it is Sumatra’s most famous export and the Minangkabau’s great contribution to #Indonesian cuisine.

Nasi Padang is a vital part of Indonesian workers’ lunch break in urban areas. Do you know that when Nasi Padang prices in the Greater #Jakarta area were raised in 2016, Jakarta municipal civil servants demanded the uang makan, #food allowance, as a component of civil servant’s salary to be raised as well? Yeah, this dish can affect economy system more than one can imagine.

Normally, one nasi padang will cost you around 2$, but here, in #Jagakarsa, South Jakarta, you can still find a gem like this, 1$, extra rice and manggo squash included.

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