Posted by: Black_Claw | March 6, 2020

VPN Connect To Fortigate Via Kali Linux Using Openfortigui Compiled From Source Instead of Forticlient VPN

Yeah, the tittle said it all. It is based on openfortivpn which discontinued. It is an replacement for the closed-source Forticlient. So, let’s compile.

First, we need to obtain Openfortigui’s source.
Oh, wait. You need to install those set of tools that you need to build it. It is Build Essentials package. Alnd while we at it, why don’t we update the system, shall we?

apt update && apt upgrade
apt install build-essential qt5-default libssl-dev qt5keychain-dev

Okay? Done. Lets pull it using git.

git clone

Enter the directory and then git another submodule stuffs from there.

cd openfortigui && git submodule init && git submodule update

Okay, lets compile!

qmake && make -j4

Done? Okay. Run it.


Lets create a shortcut for easy use whenever you want to double click and run it.

cd ~/Desktop
mousepad shortcutopenfortigui.desktop

Then, on mousepad, put something like this inside of it.

[Desktop Entry]

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