Posted by: Black_Claw | April 25, 2020

ADB and Fastboot on Kali Linux

Switch on Developer Mode

Switch on OEM Unlocking

Switch on USB Debugging

Login as root, then:

apt install android-tools-adb android-tools-fastboot

Properly installed? Check it:

adb version

After installation, the ADB server will start on its own, but if that’s not the case then you can start the ADB server using,

adb start-server

To stop the ADB server, use

adb kill-server

Both are using root level privilege.

Now to test out that your ADB installation is working fine, we will connect an android device to our system. But before we connect the android device, we need to make sure that the device has ‘USB Debugging’ enabled. It can be enabled by going into device Settings & then into the Developer Options (Some devices require that you tap several times on Android Version in About Phone section to enable Developer Options).

Once the USB Debugging has been enabled, connect the android device to the system using the USB cable.

Now open the terminal and execute the following command,

adb devices

Upon the command execution, you will get a pop-up on your Android device to allow USB Debugging, press OK to enable the debugging. Now execute the same command mentioned above and we should then see our device in list output.

root@melchior:/home/farhan# adb devices
List of devices attached
accac0*****6 device

Lets go to the bootloader then!

adb reboot bootloader

The screen of your gadget will change into fastboot mode, and you may check whether your Kali detects it or not by using:

fastboot devices
accac0*****6 fastboot

No devices? then

fastboot start-server

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